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Pluto square Saturn

A Time of Tension and Change

Kelli Fox

Though your relationship and life in general will take a stressful turn over the next few years, try not to let the intimacy between you lapse too often. Even if you feel stressed out or low-energy, the physical release of sex is important for recharging your internal batteries. Deliberately connecting at an intimate level, whether physically or emotionally, will help to remind you that you're a team.

This transit can be a tough one to deal with, and could leave you both feeling lonely and overwhelmed by the tension that suddenly exists between you. You may both start to wonder whether this relationship is really the one for you, as disappointments and a feeling of isolation spring up between you. Take heart in the fact that the relationship doesn't have to end if you don't want it to. It may be more that you need to give up some idealized sense of perfection in coupledom that's simply impossible to achieve in real (read: flawed) life. The more you can accept the humanity of your sweetie and yourself and the occasional difficulties of your relationship, the more you can use this period as a tool, one that will highlight the areas of your bond that need to be revamped for the better.

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