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Pluto square Pluto

Face Those Issues Down

Kelli Fox

Like every couple, you've been through your fair share of ups and downs. But now, your comfortable bond has suddenly reached a point of upheaval, and for the next couple of years, you'll both be forced to view your connection through new eyes. You can't ignore the issues between you anymore -- the ones that you both dance around by mutual, tacit agreement because they seem too painful or tricky or downright confusing to face down and fix.

But now you're being challenged to do just that now, and if you don't, you'll both feel the effects for quite some time. The issues you're having to face aren't really all that cataclysmic in themselves; they're simply a product of the fact that you're two different people who came from different backgrounds, who have been trying to function as a unit in the best way they know how. But there's always room for improvement, and you're both feeling that fact very strongly now. Try to stay calm, even as you face your relationship bravely and honestly. You can make positive changes without completely upsetting the balance you've achieved together.

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