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Pluto square Neptune

Letting Go of Old, Outmoded Ideals

Kelli Fox

You're both at least somewhat secure in your own spiritual beliefs by now, and in the ways in which you want to lead your lives and conduct this relationship. You've been through enough in terms of romance to know what works, what doesn't and which of your fond fantasies about love are just never going to happen. But now it's time to take it a step further, and really face down your ideals regarding relationships.

Which old, outmoded ideas are you still clinging to? Are these illusions hurting your bond with this special person by causing disappointment and disillusionment, however subtle or well-hidden? You may both feel confused during the years of this transit -- an understandable feeling, considering the fact that you're dealing with these odd, amorphous, perhaps overwhelming considerations. It may feel like a big comedown to finally give up these old dreams, but doing so will clear the way for your relationship to develop into the future, free of restrictions. You'll both feel lighter once you finally own up to your own ideas that no longer match up with reality, and put in the effort to transform your vision of the truth.

Pluto square Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

Pluto square Neptune in the Transit Chart

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