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Pluto square Mars

Back Off and Make Nice

Kelli Fox

While it's good to focus on the goals you share as a couple and move toward them with determination, you'll be a bit too aggressive about that forward progress during the two-to-three years of this transit. Pushing harder when you encounter resistance could mean you'll end up alienating potential allies and creating enemies where you needed friends. But words of caution may not help much, because the very nature of this transit makes you more focused on your own needs and immediate situation than on any wider, more holistic view.

Even when you're behaving aggressively with that contractor who's working hard to renovate your kitchen, or that loan officer who is trying to help you secure the money you need, you'll firmly believe you're just being strong, standing up for your rights -- not realizing you're actually coming on way too strong and pushing them away with your rudeness. Try your hardest to read others' cues during this time. If you start to realize that you're arguing with each other more often or if it seems like everything you try to make happen as a couple hits a wall, take it as a sign that you need to back off and make nice.

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