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Pluto square Jupiter

One Thing After Another

Kelli Fox

It's important to remember during the next several years that you're a team, not a couple of intimate enemies trying to destroy each other. If that sounds dramatic, it's because the next few years are going to be pretty intense for your relationship! You'll both feel as if you run up against one barrier after another, thwarting you in whatever it is that you're trying to do.

The problem is likely to originate in your pairing, though. Arrogance and defensiveness are problems now; you're coming across to other people as if you know everything and you're not open to suggestions or corrections in your behavior or methods, and that's not likely to win you very many allies. If you start to find that everyone from the loan officer to the referee of your softball team to the cashier at the grocery store is shaking their heads and telling you 'No' about whatever it is that you're trying to finagle, take it as a sign that you need to back off, regroup and rethink your approach. The good news is, you can tap into some deep, shared knowledge and profound power if you try. Self-awareness is key, though. Work together, and remember not to take your frustrations out on each other.

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