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Pluto sextile Venus

Letting Go of Old, Bad Habits

Kelli Fox

Your bond transforms over the next few years into something even more loving and compelling for you both. You're both ready now to let go of the attitudes and behaviors that aren't serving the relationship, in order to make room for a newer, better way of connecting. Bad habits go out the window now; jealousy is replaced with affection, possessiveness with desire that's communicated in a loving way.

And your sexual connection -- yowza! You're turning each other on in a big way these days, and your physical connection gets red-hot. What fun! You just can't seem to get enough of each other, and the feeling is very much mutual. Of course there will be ups and downs over the course of this period; you'll get into arguments sometimes, your sex drives will wane and you may both reach points when you feel fed up with the whole relationship. But then your intense, loving feelings will return -- and perhaps faster than they usually do after a run-in. If your bond changes over the course of this period, know that these changes will be positive ones for the future you share, and the futures that each of you face as individuals.

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