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Pluto sextile Uranus

New Solutions to Old Problems

Kelli Fox

An exciting, inquisitive energy influences your relationship over the next few years, increasing your mutual interest in living a fuller, freer life together. You may not have been aware of it, but you've both been living with certain restrictions that will lift now as you both turn your attention toward making a stronger, truer and all-around better connection. You're both interested in solving any issues that exist between you, ones that until now, you may have simply thought came with the territory of being a couple.

Now you know, though: You can change anything if you just put your heads together and bring all your creative, positive energy to the table! Old issues can be faced in brand-new ways now, and eradicated forever. You may make new friends during this period who help to open your eyes to new ways of living and relating as a couple. Seek out groups who think similarly to you -- people you can meet with for dinner and talk about interesting, important subjects that mean a lot to you. This is one of those phases of the relationship that will coincide with much growth -- you may not even know how much until it's over, and you can look back and see all the changes you made.

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