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Pluto sextile Sun

Transforming Your Bond for the Better

Kelli Fox

Neither one of you wants to let those old issues that still exist between you hold you back as a couple any longer, and during the next few years, you're going to tackle them with vigor. You know the ones -- they're the ones you've been dealing with ever since you started really getting to know each other. Maybe you've been fighting about them ever since, or maybe you've tacitly agreed to sweep them under the rug; it's even possible that there are issues one of you is aware of but the other isn't, if you've done a good enough job of keeping your feelings or your needs to yourself.

But now is the time to bring those feelings and needs into the open, because you can do gentle but intense and important work together to fix things. The focus now should be on understanding each other and the source of your connection, and improving the ways in which you communicate. The great news is that you're both interested in starting this process, and helping your relationship to evolve to something that's a better fit for you both. Don't be surprised if you discover things about yourselves and each other that you never expected!

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