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Pluto sextile Pluto

Facing Down Your Demons

Kelli Fox

This transit, which lasts for the next few years, will be a subtle but important one for your relationship. You're evolving together at a deep, profound level. Old beliefs that don't match up with the reality of your bond or your shared life are being exposed to light now and set free.

Whatever isn't working between you can be faced down, acknowledged by both of you, and let go. Maybe it's a way that you treat each other, just out of habit; behaviors like jealousy, possessiveness, neediness and so on can be recognized now and transformed into something much more positive. You're both in touch with yourselves, after all, and you can recognize the root causes of all these behaviors that don't work within the scope of the relationship. If one of you tends to be jealous or possessive, now you can recognize that that behavior originates in insecurity -- and you can focus on that feeling and talk it out together. You're offering each other a lot of support now, because you both recognize how important the relationship is to you and you both know you want to evolve into a new, better way of being together. So good luck on your journey! You'll be closer and stronger once this period is over.

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