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Pluto sextile Neptune

Getting in Touch With Your Bond

Kelli Fox

The ideals you've both held for a long time now regarding relationships and romance will finally be pulled out into the light and examined during the two-to-three years of this transit. Are you satisfied with your relationship? If not, is there anything constructive you can do to solve the issues and preserve the loving connection you share?

This would be a good time to visit a couples counselor, if you're interested in that. You're both much more open than usual to introspection and honesty about the fantasies you both cherish regarding 'true love' and the realities of how you two treat each other and get along on a day-to-day basis. But visiting a counselor isn't the only way to get more in touch with your deeper feelings and the basis of your connection with each other. You can also make an effort to be more spiritual in your relationship: to talk about the things that truly matter to you instead of chitchatting about nothing special; to consciously appreciate your time together instead of taking each other for granted. Remember that there is a powerful connection between you, even if you've been ignoring it for some time in favor of some easier, more superficial bond.

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