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Pluto sextile Mercury

Uncovering Truths

Kelli Fox

Instead of arguing about the issues that bother you and getting nowhere, during the next several years your focus as a couple will shift toward discussing these issues and developing greater understanding of their causes and effects. Logic and focus will help you both to tune in when your sweetie is trying to tell you something about themselves, rather than tuning them out and failing to understand what they're trying to get across. You can make a lot of headway during this period in understanding each other and your bond; in fact, this would be a good time for counseling if that's something that you're interested in.

You're also both focusing outward, however, and understanding the secrets and truths of the world at large. Expect your conversations to range toward political or spiritual subjects that you may have avoided discussing up to the present. Now, instead of seeming intimidating or potentially upsetting, they'll seem interesting. You may want to take a class together in a subject that fascinates you both, or do some reading together at home. Whatever you do, focus on developing those mental muscles and learning to understand each other better.

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