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Pluto sextile Mars

Focused, Beneficial Teamwork

Kelli Fox

You can work together in a focused and intense way over the next several years, and bring about those goals and ambitions that may have seemed, up till now, more like pipe dreams. You're able to boost each other's confidence, talking each other up when you're feeling down, supporting each other when you need a strong, comforting shoulder to lean on. And as you take steps together toward your goals, you'll both start to feel stronger and stronger -- because each step convinces you just a little bit more that together, you can do anything you set your minds to!

It will be rare now that you'll put time or energy into anything that's not going anywhere. It's all about good, focused work now, and results you can measure. Because of all this good, strong energy, you'll also enjoy a boost in your sexual connection during this period. Your attraction for each other increases and you'll both experience your sex play as more vital and intense than usual. Fun, fun! Part of this is because you both recognize the importance of a strong sexual bond, as well as that of working steadily toward your goals. You're more in balance now than usual, and you can feel the rightness.

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