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Pluto opposite Uranus

A Period of Change

Kelli Fox

The next two to three years could be a difficult period for your relationship, even if in a distant way. There are big things happening around you, and they may or may not influence your relationship directly. A struggle for freedom is going on around you, and may be mirrored in your connection with each other.

Maybe your parents or someone else is against your bond, or is trying to impose their own values on your lifestyle. If so, you'll both respond rebelliously -- you don't want to live according to anyone's terms but your own. Just remember that responding to restrictions impulsively often isn't the best idea. A more considered, deliberate approach to breaking through barriers is a better one, as it will garner more respect and support and will have longer-lasting effects. If it's your relationship itself that seems to be restricting your freedom, again -- think about what you're about to do before you do it. Behaving in an impulsive or erratic way won't get you anywhere. It only breeds distrust between you and your sweetie, and makes it all the more difficult to get through an unstable period like this one.

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