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Pluto opposite Saturn

An Important Test

Kelli Fox

This could be a stressful period, one that will last up to two years. If you can, look on it as a test of your relationship, one that you can pass with flying colors if you just work together. Otherwise, the pressures you'll encounter together during this time could prove too much to handle, because the first thing you'll feel is, 'Why us?' Why are these difficult things happening -- these obstacles that are popping up in your path, seemingly no matter which direction you turn?

Your relationship itself may seem difficult or even untenable now. Any projects you're working on together could hit a stalling point, and no amount of scratching your heads will help in getting things rolling again. But instead of stomping your feet and turning your frustration against each other, try your hardest to stay calm and simply keep putting one foot in front of the other. If your finances run low, tighten your budget. If you start to argue too often, try your hardest to treat each other kindly and gently, even when you disagree. If you're feeling overworked, leave plenty of time on your days off for a relaxing nap. This difficult energy will pass, and that's a promise!

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