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Pluto opposite Mars

Power Struggles Simmering Beneath the Surface

Kelli Fox

Your egos could get the better of you during the next several years, as a troublesome energy moves through your relationship. Arguments spark at the drop of a hat now; you're both on edge, though neither one of you may know why. You'll feel irritable whenever you're together, even when it's low-grade and subtle -- which is almost worse.

When it's a subtle enough sense of annoyance, you don't even recognize that it's there, meaning you could treat each other shortly without even knowing it. What's going on here, under the surface, is you're engaged in a battle of wills with each other. Who's in charge in this relationship? Who has more power, and why? Those are the questions simmering beneath the surface, making you both throw your weight around in unnecessary ways. After all, you should be equals -- neither one of you should be the one who's on top all the time. Taking turns is the only healthy way to do it; use both your strengths instead of pigeonholing one or both of you into rigid roles that tick you off. But realizing that and doing something about it are two different issues during this period. Try to keep your cool as much as possible.

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