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Pluto opposite Jupiter

Standing in Your Own Way

Kelli Fox

You two have an agenda firmly in mind during this period of a few years, which is a good thing in terms of knowing where you want to go and what you want to achieve. But you may be standing in your own way now, impeding the great progress that you both want to make toward your goals. However you define success as a couple -- purchasing a grand home together, launching your dream business, even being crowned 'Best Couple' by your friends or colleagues!

-- that success is at the forefront of your minds now, and you could become insufferable to your friends without even realizing it. Think about it: If, every time you get together with friends or coworkers, you're pushing your own agenda, talking yourselves up, asking for favors or networking solely in the name of your own interests, it's only natural that other people may start to feel annoyed, right? One way to circumvent this is to make sure that the goal you're pushing toward is one that benefits the greater good, not just you two. If you get behind a cause that has local or even global benefits, your associates are a lot more likely to get behind you in support.

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