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Pluto conjunct Venus

Intense Urges to Dominate

Kelli Fox

Your relationship could change in some big ways over the next several years. Your love and commitment could deepen, but problems may arise as well. Your deeper urges are coming to the forefront now, influencing the ways that you treat each other.

Deep-rooted needs and desires make themselves known, pushing you both to behave in ways you may not have known that you could -- manipulating each other, maybe, or acting jealous or possessive when you've always been quite open and fair with one another. Now, though, your urge to dominate each other could seem too intense to ignore. Sexually, this period may bring a real boost to the relationship, because you'll both need that intensity of interaction -- branding each other with heat and desire, claiming each other's bodies as your own, private domain. But while you may have a compelling influence over each other in the bedroom, don't let it go to your heads. You're still separate individuals, as you should be. Remember that any urge to control your sweetie is a reaction to feeling that the relationship is somehow out of your control. Examine this feeling to learn why it exists, and how to deal with it.

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