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Pluto conjunct Uranus

Us Against the World

Kelli Fox

Be careful of how you treat each other over the next couple of years. Rebellious energy is sparking just beneath the surface of your bond, keeping things interesting. You both feel restless and itchy now.

You may feel annoyed with each other for no apparent reason, purely because of what your relationship represents to you: commitment, responsibility, obligation. 'Well, what if I don't wanna?' may become a refrain for each of you, at least inside your heads. Alternatively, you may band even more closely together during this period, adopting an 'us against the world' outlook as you figuratively thumb your noses at your parents and anyone else who has something to say about your relationship or the direction your lives are taking. You want to do things your way, on your own terms, and that's completely valid. Just make sure that the stand you're taking is one that you truly believe in. If you isolate yourselves from the world and then find that you're not as compatible as you thought, well, that would be a mess. But so would claiming your independence from each other, only to realize that you willingly gave up a really good thing. Just think before you act!

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