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Pluto conjunct Sun

Face Your Fears

Kelli Fox

If you feel like you're entering an important phase of your relationship, that's because you are. The energy ushered in now is a deeply transformative one, and will stick around for several years. This is the kind of transit that, once it's over, you'll look back and be amazed by everything you went through together, and all the growing and changing you and your relationship did!

This will be a period of letting go, but that doesn't have to refer to the relationship itself. Rather, you might come to realize that it's time to let go of certain behaviors that are habitual for you in a love affair -- possessiveness, perhaps, or passive-aggressiveness, or just being too passive about your own needs and interests. Or it could be that you'll realize it's time to let go of some fantasy you may have about ideal love -- a perfection that's unattainable in real life. Insecurities, commitment phobias, low self-esteem -- all of these are fears that inhibit you in a relationship, and it's time to face these fears in order to let them go forever. This will likely be an intense and tumultuous process, but pay attention to your instincts: Deep down, you know it's good for the soul!

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