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Pluto conjunct Saturn

Facing the Scary Questions

Kelli Fox

Over the next few years, you may each have to ask yourselves the difficult question of whether or not your relationship is worth fighting for. If you're very dependent on each other for a sense of personal security or structure, your bond will be called into question during this period. It's wonderful to rely on each other, but you must also each develop your own sense of security and determination.

What if the relationship were to end or change in some significant way? Being codependent might make even a move too much to handle. It's best to learn a balance between depending on each other and relying on your own strengths to deal with life. Now, all that is not to say that you two will break up during this period, or that your relationship will change in some way that you won't like. It's more that this transit offers a maturation process, one that may not be fun in the moment but that you'll be glad for in the end. And if you ask yourselves the scary questions, such as, 'Am I in this for the right reasons?' -- then, when you find that the answer is 'Yes,' you can use that as a strong foundation for deciding where to go from there.

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