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Pluto conjunct Neptune

Wanting to Wake Up

Kelli Fox

You may not recognize the effects of this particular transit, as its energy is wide-scale and subtle. You'll sense it more at an unconscious or instinctive level than on any overt one. Your deepest ideals are undergoing some sort of transformation now.

You may become aware now that you're both more comfortable with escaping the reality of your bond and your lives in general than you are with facing that reality down: Maybe you spend a lot of time out on the town together, having a good, noisy time with your friends, napping away the day together or otherwise indulging in fantasy rather than dealing with the reality you're truly living. But now your inner values and ideals are changing, deepening, even coming true -- in one way or another, they're gaining meaning and importance in your lives. Maybe you won't be in the mood anymore to sleep the day away or stay out till all hours of the night, laughing and chatting about...nothing. Maybe you want to lead a more focused, deliberate existence. If this change occurs within each of you simultaneously, your relationship can mature along with your own personalities. If not, you may have to decide where to go from here.

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