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Pluto conjunct Mercury

Seeking Knowledge and Understanding

Kelli Fox

Expect to have some intense, even mind-blowing conversations with each other over the next few years, as your thinking both sharpens and deepens and your urge to discuss heavy subjects increases. Instead of shying away from serious topics, you'll both seek them out. You want to know each other now, through and through, and you want to understand the source and importance of your connection.

You may also turn your attention outward together, in order to uncover secrets or truths about the world that you haven't understood before now. You could get into doing research together on some subject that fascinates both of you, or reading books together that explore new terrain. Even fun little puzzles such as crosswords, cryptograms and the like are a great way to exercise your minds now -- you'll find yourselves laughing as you each try to call out the answer first! If you're interested in couples counseling, now would be a great time to do it -- you both want to unearth the truth and discuss it until you understand it. Having a professional guide such as a therapist could benefit you by focusing your efforts, guiding you more closely to the truth.

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