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Pluto conjunct Mars

A Potent Combination

Kelli Fox

The ambitions you share as a couple will come to the forefront during the next several years, as you both become more aware of your combined power. Suddenly, you know not only what you want but how to get it -- and you might roll over anyone standing in your path. That's the problem with this energy; it desensitizes you to the needs of others and makes your own pursuits seem like the most important ones in the world.

Your willpower is greatly increased, too, so when someone tells you 'no' it only makes you want to try harder to succeed. But when your goals lies in someone else's hands -- securing a job or a loan, for example -- pushing harder isn't the best idea. You could easily end up alienating potential allies by behaving in an overly headstrong way, so watch how you treat the people around you. Remember that your own goals are important to the two of you, but there's a much bigger world outside your relationship. On the other hand, enjoy the boost that this powerful, dominating energy gives to your sexual connection! You're feeling potent as a couple, and that could make for some fun, intense times behind closed doors.

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