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Pluto conjunct Jupiter

Doing Good Work

Kelli Fox

The next few years will see you get involved in something new and important as a couple -- some movement or organization that represents something of real value to you. You're on one of those exciting, interesting growth trajectories, and you're involved in this process together. You're inspecting your consciences and your values and figuring out what's truly meaningful to you.

But even more importantly, you're now in the mindframe to seek out ways to live your values and express them in a relevant way. You may volunteer your time at a nonprofit organization that works to benefit some part of your community -- children, the homeless, the environment...whatever group or subject interests you most. Getting involved in something on a local or global scale is wonderful -- just make sure you don't let it go to your heads! Your friends might get tired of inviting you out if that's all you can talk about when you get together. On the other hand, spreading the word about all the amazing things you're doing and learning is always a good idea. Just create a balance between these new discoveries and the rest of your lives, which are still important too.

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