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Neptune trine Venus

A Romantic Period

Kelli Fox

This could be a romantic couple of years for you two lovebirds! You're attuned now as a couple to beauty and compassion. Nature walks take on greater significance than usual, as if all your senses are heightened -- holding hands feels wonderful and you're both noticing the chirping of the birds, the gorgeousness of the sky above you...

Your best dates now will involve this kind of attention to sensual beauty. Make plans to visit art museums or galleries together; also, if you can, make improvements to your home, focusing especially on the bedroom -- a soft, sensuous bed will really come in handy now, because you're both wanting to spend a lot of time in it! This period may coincide with a deeper commitment to each other, because this particular transit increases your feelings of devotion to each other. You're both viewing your relationship in an incredibly romanticized light; you're daydreaming about each other when you're apart, and when you're together you're consumed by each other. With all this sweetness and idealism swirling about, you're in a great position to turn some of that outward and make life better for everyone, not just each other!

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