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Neptune trine Uranus

Getting Involved

Kelli Fox

Together, you'll become more progressive in your vision of the world over the next couple of years. There's a new energy influencing your relationship, inspiring you both to be more creative in your approach to life. Instead of focusing solely on each other and your relationship, you're both interested in leading a much more spiritual, connected existence.

You may want to join groups of people who think like you and are doing good work in the world, work that you'd like to help out with. You might also want to get into volunteer work that will benefit others. In fact, the energy that's currently influencing you is inherently creative, the kind that could inspire you to found your own nonprofit organization to feed the homeless or find adoptive homes for stray animals. Giving your time and energy to bettering the world around you suddenly seems of utmost importance. At the very least, you'll both feel more connected at a strange, exciting, emotional level to each other, your friends and your surroundings. Creating artwork and traveling are two good ways to use this energy together, as both open you up to new visions of possibility.

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