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Neptune trine Pluto

Going Global

Kelli Fox

Your focus will change during the next two years, turning away from each other and the little bubble you inhabit together, and toward the world around you -- this blessed universe that supports the two of you and the love that you share, day after day. You both want to understand your place in the world better now; to get at the deeper meaning of love, companionship and the creative force that lives within each of you. You're interested in unity and generosity instead of selfishness; thus, you may be drawn to joining organizations together that aim to make the world a better place for all to live in.

You may also join a consciousness-raising group or class during this period, or simply do some reading and researching on your own to help you both deepen your understanding of these global concerns. But the focus now is on group work, so even if you two do make this effort on your own, you'll want to find a way to bring its effects out into the world. Your combined powers of creativity are also highlighted now, so don't be afraid to be inventive in how you choose to influence the world in a positive way together.

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