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Neptune trine Mercury

Becoming More Comfortable with Abstractions

Kelli Fox

The communication you share will become more poetic and abstract over the next couple of years. You might start leaving love notes for each other, hidden someplace your sweetie will find it on their way to work or when they go to bed at night. Your conversations will start wandering into more imaginative realms than usual; you're both more comfortable now with discussions of feelings, impressions and dreams than you used to be.

Those abstract realms seem more valid now, and more interesting. Discussing the dreams you have at night when you're asleep could be a very revealing way to get to know each other even better now; so could discussing the dreams you share as a couple, those goals for the future that you can envision but that haven't come to fruition yet. Creating artwork together would be a wonderful use of this energy, or creating it on your own and then talking about what you each felt when you were creating your pieces. Inspirations hit frequently now, so you may want to keep a journal or a camera close by -- something you can both use to record the many special moments you'll experience throughout this period.

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