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Neptune trine Mars

A Vision of Shared Goals

Kelli Fox

A deeper vision is one of the best gifts this transit has to offer you as a pair. Now you can start thinking about the dreams you share as a couple, and how to make them become a reality -- not necessarily within this two-year period, but at some point in the future, when the time is right. For now, it's enough to think, dream and plan.

You'll find that focusing on the goals you share is an enlightening and enlivening experience. You'll both feel more excited to move forward into the future, because the horizon looks so appealing! And in the meantime, even if you're not ready to start taking actual, concrete steps toward these goals, you'll still feel the pleasant effects of this transit in a new, daily compassion that exists between you. You're treating each other more selflessly now than usual. You're each trying to think of little ways to please your sweetie -- fixing their tea or coffee in the morning without being asked to do so, or bringing flowers home after work to make the house brighter and sweeter-smelling. Even these little gestures are large ones when it comes to increasing the good feelings between you, and the positive energy you're both putting out into the world.

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