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Neptune trine Jupiter

A Sensitive Approach to Life

Kelli Fox

The connection between you moves from the physical plane during this two-year transit to a more emotional, philosophical, even spiritual plane. While you're still physically involved, you're both more interested in the workings of your souls, especially in relation to the world around you. Your search for deeper meaning might lead you to join a spiritual group together, or to do some reading on your own of spiritual texts.

You're both feeling more compassionate during this period, and less concerned about your own needs or comfort; this is the kind of energy that would encourage you to give someone the shirt off your own back if it seemed like they needed it more. You'll also treat each other with greater sensitivity and support now. Those little power plays that you've engaged in in the past are suddenly not such a part of your daily interaction; instead, you're both interested in the soul of this person you're so attracted to. How do your souls match up? What spiritual or philosophical beliefs do you share? And do you have a similar, idealistic yearning to expand the boundaries of your own consciousness? Right now, you do.

Neptune trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Neptune trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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