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Neptune square Venus

Ignoring Reality

Kelli Fox

During this two-year transit, you're both seeing what you want to see in one another and missing the reality of the connection that you share. Warning signs could pop up regarding the relationship, but you'll both blithely ignore them, until later, of course, when they're too big and insistent to keep denying that their existence. In the meantime, though, all is roses, to hear you two tell it.

You've put each other and the relationship up on a pedestal, and you'll do whatever it takes to keep those pillars from crumbling down -- stars in your eyes, rose-colored glasses, blinders, you name it. Even if there aren't major problems developing between you, you'll still miss out on the reality of your bond. On the other hand, there's not much you can do about it. The current energy is a hazy, lazy one that much prefers sweetness to strife. You won't want to argue with each other; that's why addressing issues between you is so difficult. You just want peace and harmony. You also won't be much for motivation during this transit. Staying at home in bed or on the couch in front of the TV will often seem like a better idea than pushing yourselves to get out of the house.

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