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Neptune square Uranus

Finding Spirituality

Kelli Fox

Becoming more spiritually attuned with the world around you is a wonderful pursuit, especially since you're doing it together. But do be careful that the beliefs you espouse during this two-year period really match up with your own, true values, especially if you change your lifestyle to accommodate the new things you're learning and the groups you're getting involved with. It's more than possible now that your interest in new, different spiritual pursuits is a reaction to something going on in your real lives -- an attempt to avoid reality by creating an alternate one.

What is it that you're trying to get away from? You'll make a lot more progress if you face that down rather than avoiding it. Most of all, don't allow yourselves to be seduced by the idea that you can or should escape your earthly concerns. Your mundane lives -- coffee in the mornings, exercising at the gym, going to work, making dinner together -- are pretty good lives! Even if things seem dull in comparison to the fantasies you can concoct together, don't forget: Human concerns are yours because you're both human.

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