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Neptune square Saturn

Keep a Positive Attitude

Kelli Fox

You'll both have to try stay positive over the next two years as doubts, suspicions and pessimism regarding your relationship plague you. This tricky energy will seem to undermine all the goals that you share as a couple, calling into question that shared future that once seemed so certain. Are you really going to stay together long-term?

If so, how will you structure the relationship? Because the structures you've already got in place don't seem to be holding up too well. Arguments could break out between you with increasing frequency, because you're both feeling insecure, which leads you to try to control the situation -- not a good idea. Behaving in a controlling way is basically asking for things to spin further out of your control; during a transit like this one, the tighter you grab hold, the more slippery things get! You'd both do a lot better to take a few simple steps that will help you feel more at ease. First, reassure each other often that you care about each other. Second, keep up your exercise routine, but stick to soothing, meditative activities, like swimming, yoga and walking. You can decrease your stress by staying calm and keeping a positive attitude.

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