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Neptune square Mercury

The Blind Leading the Blind

Kelli Fox

Muddy thinking and missed signals contribute to a general sense that you're not getting through to each other during this two-year period. Conversations will rarely follow a logical, linear path; instead your thoughts will be like two streams meandering through the woods, meeting up sometimes, but at other times moving in entirely different directions. At best, you'll mishear each other from time to time, resulting in occasional botched plans or disagreements that you'll both realize later were unnecessary.

But things could devolve further than that between you if you're not careful. Decision-making isn't your forte as a couple now. When important events or issues come up, you may feel stymied, as if you've reached yet another impasse and you can't figure out for the life of you how to blast through it. It's not even so much that you'll disagree; it's more that neither of you will know your own mind enough to communicate your ideas to the other. If you can, put off important business until you're both feeling clearer. In your foggiest moments together, you might do best simply to stop talking, turn on the stereo and dance together.

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