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Neptune square Mars

Sapping Your Energy

Kelli Fox

Low energy and a general feeling of disappointment may suffuse your relationship during the next couple of years, making things between you seem like one big bummer. The goals you share as a couple seem remote now; you might even take steps toward realizing your ambitions, but something will happen to thwart your efforts. Discouragement will set in and then you're back to square one, only a little more annoyed by the whole experience.

Your individual passive-aggressive tendencies may come out during this period; while logically you both know that the problems now aren't either of your faults, you still may harbor some resentment, deep down inside yourselves, against your sweetie. It would be better if you could talk out your feelings in a clear and logical way, but doing anything in a straightforward manner seems difficult now! Even if you feel confident, energetic and self-directed when you're apart, as soon as you get together, the blahs will set in. Big plans for an evening out will quickly devolve into 'Let's just rent a movie...' Try not to expect more out of each other, or yourselves, than you're likely to get.

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