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Neptune square Jupiter

An Inflated Sense of Romance

Kelli Fox

You'll both feel hopeful and positive about your relationship during this two-year period, but is that an accurate reflection of your bond? The current energy inflates your ideals regarding love, relationship and philosophy, leaving you both feeling sure that in loving one another, you've tapped into the power of the universe. And maybe you're right...but maybe you aren't.

It's a good idea to keep at least one foot firmly on the ground, even as you let your minds and hearts float free. After all, coming down from a high like the one you two are on now can be really tough, as unpleasant reality crashes in and crushes all your pretty little dreams. Furthermore, all these good feelings about your romantic connection only contribute to a general sort of laziness that pervades whenever you're together. You don't want to do the dishes; you'd rather put on your favorite record and lie around together, laughing and cuddling! You don't want to get up early and head to work on time; you want to snooze late, wrapped in your sweetie's arms. Don't be surprised if, at the end of this period, you look back and realize you got a whole lot of nothing accomplished together.

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