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Neptune sextile Venus

Enjoy this Sweetness

Kelli Fox

The feeling of romance and attachment between you will swell during this two-year period, as you each indulge your most romantic ideals and act out those fantasies in your daily connection. While, yes, you may be living out something of an illusion, it's still a positive thing to get in touch with your more idealistic selves. For one thing, living within the ideal encourages you to treat each other with greater respect, compassion and affection.

You can put your commitment on a pedestal now, treating it with the reverence it deserves. With this sweet energy swirling around you, it's a good time to make your home a more comfortable and attractive place to spend time together. Put an emphasis on warm colors, soft textures and relaxation. Light candles and play soft music when you're cooking or cuddling; these little touches are more meaningful now than ever, and will help to create that serene, harmonious environment. One side effect of this period is that your mutual desire for harmony may lead you to sweep real problems under the rug. While you'll have to deal with them sooner or later, for now, enjoy this sweetness.

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