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Neptune sextile Neptune

Sharing Beliefs in Common

Kelli Fox

During this two-year period, you'll both come to realize that you share some important spiritual values, ones that may pull you closer together as a couple. It's nice to realize that you have something so meaningful in common; it gives you a feeling of kinship and familiarity, as if you're friends as well as lovers. That's a good thing, too, because that sense of friendship can last even if your romantic relationship changes or ends.

The energy of this period is subtle, but you can increase its positive effects if you focus on a few important types of experience. First, pursue your creative energies together. Create artwork as a team, or go on dates to gallery openings and music shows. You can stir up your own artistic juices by exposing yourselves to others' works. Second, talk openly together about your spiritual beliefs. Discussing them in depth can help you further define them, and you can also help each other to decide what to do with your beliefs in a practical sense -- how to live them out in your everyday lives. Just be sure that you're each being true to your own minds and hearts, and not influencing each other unduly.

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