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Neptune sextile Mercury

Unlocking Your Creativity

Kelli Fox

You're communicating with each other on a much more intuitive, feeling plane now than you're used to. Instead of linear conversations and arguments based in logic, facts or proof, you're now seeing each other for the changeable, creative beings that you are, and dealing with each other as such. Feelings are now more accepted as valid, because you both understand that the language of the soul isn't anything you can prove; it simply exists, and it's powerful.

Your mutual idealism will come to the fore now regarding love, life, spirituality and more. Expect some incredible conversations -- ones that wind in one direction and then turn in another like a stream, your minds moving where they choose rather than where you try to direct them. Loosening up like this is wonderful! Writing, playing music or creating artwork together would be wonderful pursuits for this period, because some incredible things will come out when you encourage each other to express yourselves on these abstract planes. At the very least, visit art museums and attend plays and concerts together. You'll gain much through soaking up this kind of creativity.

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