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Neptune sextile Mars

Stop Talking, Start Doing

Kelli Fox

The energy of this period is a selfless, compassionate one. Together, you want to act on your feelings of sympathy for people or situations that call out for your help. You may get involved as a couple with some humanitarian or environmental organization, donating your time or even your funds to a cause you both believe in deeply.

You'll also bring that compassion home with you, and treat each other with more care and respect than you have in the past. Because now, it's not enough just to talk about your spiritual beliefs; it's not even enough to know that you agree on those important points. Now, you feel the need to act on them, both in your personal and public lives. You feel the need to get involved, whether on a local or a global level. Your combined selflessness can really move mountains now if you put your minds and bodies to it. Don't expect too much out of yourselves or each other, though. Along with this sensitivity and compassion comes a bit of low energy. Great effort can take a larger toll on you now than usual, so make sure that you recharge with regular exercise, good food and plenty of rest.

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