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Neptune opposite Venus

Your Pretty Fantasies

Kelli Fox

Getting engaged or buying a house together during a transit like this one may not be the best idea. You're both deluding yourselves about each other and the relationship, and these delusions won't lift for a year or two. For now, you'd both rather believe in the dream than face the reality, which can't possibly be as pretty and frilly and certain as your fantasies.

Any major commitment you make now will be based on this idealized relationship that exists only in your heads. What will happen, then, when you wake up from your pretty dreams in a year or two and realize that things between you and your honey aren't at all what you've been telling yourself? This is a prescription for disillusionment and disappointment, and you can avoid that letdown by keeping your options open for now. Commit yourselves to the relationship if you want to, but don't sign any contracts that will take time and money to get out of! Furthermore, watch out for other people who want to deceive the two of you. You may make new friends during this period who are less than trustworthy. Keep them at arm's length until you know them better.

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