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Neptune opposite Uranus

Inspect Your Reasons for Being Together

Kelli Fox

The future of your relationship suddenly seems murky. Maybe slowly, or perhaps in a single instant of clarity, everything you've been taking for granted about why you two are together is suddenly called into question, and you're both required to do the hard and unappealing work of figuring out what is truth and what is illusion. Do you really want to be together?

Are you as spiritually connected as you could or should be? Important decisions, such as whether to move in together or otherwise commit more deeply, suddenly feel like too much to handle; you can't even get a clear idea of the present, much less the future. But tolerating this confusion and pushing through to a point of understanding is important now. The very fact that you're feeling confused is a sign that old beliefs are breaking down, and new ones need to take their place. Anything you've simply trusted in -- such as your loving connection -- will now be held up to the light and questioned. Instead of putting on blinders, open your eyes and see what's truly there. You may find out that it's something much different than you thought. Wouldn't you like to find out now, rather than much later?

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