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Neptune opposite Mercury

Like a Game of Telephone, Only Less Fun

Kelli Fox

Your conversations with each other might more resemble a game of Telephone over the next couple of years -- one of you will say something, the other will hear something completely different, and you're off and running with very muddled communication. You may both feel profoundly misunderstood as a result, but do remember that you're doing the same thing to your sweetie that they're doing to you. The hardest part is, for now, there's not much you can do about it.

A sense of confusion reigns whenever you're together, or talking on the phone. Even double-checking with each other on plans or facts may not take care of miscommunication problems, so don't be too hard on each other, or yourselves, when one of you shows up late for a date or gets the wrong idea about something important. One way to try to circumvent the problems this transit brings is to be extra clear with each other, even on issues that seem unimportant. When your sweetie tells you something, repeat back what you heard to make sure you got it right. When you make plans, double-check with each other that you've both got the same idea of place and time.

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