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Neptune opposite Mars

Make the Effort to Be Honest

Kelli Fox

Low energy and a general sense of confusion will render the next couple of years a bit slow and strange for you both. Be careful how you treat each other; be as straightforward as you can about your feelings and intentions. It's easy now to deceive each other in hurtful ways, even just with little white lies -- ones that you think are harmless, and that normally would be.

Now, though, any way in which you might mislead each other could turn into something bigger, and will be much harder to get over than you can anticipate. There is a growing sense of distrust between you, whether it's deserved or not. If you're not careful, you could both start treating each other in passive-aggressive ways during this transit, further undermining the foundation of trust that supports your bond. It may seem easier to try to manipulate each other than to deal in an aboveboard way, but though it may be harder in the moment, honesty is always easier in the end. If you're feeling discouraged or suspicious regarding your connection with each other, make an effort to talk it out rather than resorting to sly ways of trying to discern the truth about your honey's feelings.

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  1. conrad and jennifer on February 3, 2016 at 10:42 am

    i do feel suspicious in ways but i know that never ever would do something wrong to hurt our relationship their is some white lies that im not telling her so meybe she does sense that i just hope that shes not cheating because of these white lies because these lies are doctor issues i had a substance abuse im not ready to tell her and i know i have too but when???

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