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Neptune opposite Jupiter

A Fantasy of Your Ideal Relationship

Kelli Fox

During this two-year period, your relationship may seem to you both like it's on a high -- like you can't possibly go wrong in being together, and your shared future is shining bright. That may be true, at least in a general sense, but the energy of this transit will encourage you to ignore the very real pitfalls and obstacles you'll necessarily encounter as a couple. No two people are an exact perfect match, after all.

There will always be little snafus that upset you, or periods when one or both of you isn't treating the other with perfect respect and affection -- it's called bad moods, grumpiness and being too tired or hungry to be sweet or rational! But for the moment, you're both ignoring those very human occurrences. Instead, you're telling yourselves and each other the story of this idealize, fantasy relationship you've concocted. The funny thing is, though, your two fantasies are different. When this deceptive energy passes, you'll both begin to realize that, for example, your core values aren't as closely aligned as you'd assumed -- and you'd both have known that if you'd listened more closely to what your sweetie was telling you about themselves all along.

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