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Neptune conjunct Venus

Fantasies of the Ideal Love

Kelli Fox

The next couple of years will bring a confusing jumble of feelings and influences, but this period has potential to be an enlightening one for your relationship. You may both go through periods of wondering whether this person is the right one for you -- whether there might be someone else out there who would be a better fit with your fantasy of the perfect love. Alternatively, you might simply overlook each other's flaws and true personalities now, choosing to acknowledge only the 'good' parts of your lover's character -- meaning, those parts that coincide with your own dream of the ideal love.

Either route distances you from appreciating the here and now; for the moment, you're both more interested in your personal visions of perfection than you are in what's really happening in front of you. At the same time, all this fantasy can really increase the sense of romance between you; the loving moments you'll share will be intense, and you'll both feel at different times as if your soul has been touched by true love. Try to keep the focus there, instead of on feeling dissatisfied with the love you've found and yearning for one that doesn't exist.

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