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Neptune conjunct Sun

A Process of Sensitization

Kelli Fox

Your relationship will undergo a sensitizing process over the two years of this transit. Even if you met at a party and hooked up purely for the good time of it all, your connection deepens now as you both begin to see the importance of love, generosity and compassion. You may feel a bit low-energy during this period; don't try to force yourselves to go on fast-paced, death-defying dates for the time being.

The current energy lends much more itself to walks in the park or cuddling up on the couch and watching a rented movie. Don't expect your conversations to be either linear or logical, either; you're both a bit unfocused now. Instead, talk about your dreams -- both your visions of the future and also the dreams you have at night when you're asleep. Imagery and hidden meaning are more important to you now than usual, and fantasies may be more compelling than reality at the moment. In that vein, try not to become so seduced by dreams that you allow yourselves to be duped. If you're doing anything speculative together, such as investments or property purchases, get a trusted third opinion before moving forward or signing any contracts.

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