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Neptune conjunct Saturn

Finding a New Path

Kelli Fox

Everything you've tried so hard to establish -- those building blocks of the relationship that you both consider essential to your foundation as a couple -- may be washed away now, much to both your dismay. You may both feel confused during this period, as everything you thought was in place between you suddenly seems suspect, or just up in the air. Changes could occur out of nowhere and affect your relationship: Maybe one of you will get a job that's a great opportunity, but it will require you to move to a whole new city or state, putting a major dent in your day-to-day connection.

Or maybe one of you will begin to have doubts about the relationship, and wonder whether this is really what you should be doing with your time and attention. What's happening here, at base, is that the structures in your shared life are changing. What used to work no longer does, and you're being challenged to feel your way along toward a new reality. While feelings of vulnerability and anxiety about the future are understandable, they're not very productive. Instead of worrying about what's going to happen in the future, focus on the meaning of what's happening in the present.

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