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Neptune conjunct Mercury

Hazy Communication

Kelli Fox

Your communication with each other may be less than straightforward over the next couple of years. A confusing, murky haze falls over your minds, influencing the ways in which you understand and perceive your relationship and the ways in which you connect with each other, both verbally and intuitively. You'll both have to try to be extra clear with each other, because misunderstandings are more possible now than usual.

You're both trying to process the subtle cues you receive along with the overt ones, and the result may be, well, a mess. On the other hand, while the current energy doesn't lend itself very well to logical thought or well-framed arguments, it does lend itself to more artistic, freeform thought processes. It's a good idea now to keep a journal of your dreams and ideas; they may not make sense now, but you'll be able to look back over them later and get a lot more out of them. A wonderful date now would be attending a poetry reading or having a picnic together by the river, or beneath the stars. Above all, don't try to reason things out during this period. Instead, rely on your instincts or the subtle senses inside you that are telling you which way to go.

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