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Neptune conjunct Jupiter

The Road to Enlightenment

Kelli Fox

Be careful with your finances over the next couple of years, at least when it comes to purchases benefitting solely yourselves and the relationship. Under normal circumstances, at least one of you would balk at investment ideas that will now seem like a great idea. You won't read the fine print, you'll ignore warning signs and there won't be anyone to save you from yourselves.

Now, that dire warning out of the way, on to the good stuff! This should actually be quite a pleasurable and even enlightening transit. You're both in tune with the universe at a subtle, spiritual level, less interested in mundane or superficial experience and more in learning things that really mean something to you -- things that can help you to connect more deeply with each other and with the world around you. Now is the time to be generous with your time and resources in an effort to help the people and world around you, but do be careful about where you spread your generosity. You could easily be taken advantage of if you aren't careful. Get involved with well-established organizations whose reputations you can trust.

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